Tennis Is The One Sport Bookmakers Hate

Tennis Is The One Sport Bookmakers Hate

By: Derren Collien

When betting on tennis, we’ve only got two possible outcomes. This is why tennis is the one sport that bookmakers consistently lose on.

So how should we be betting on tennis? What makes tennis a good sport to bet on? And how can we make ‘sure’ we’re betting on the right guy.

Analysis is key in sports betting. That goes for all sports, even tennis. We do not want to be gambling our money away. We want to make as safe a bet as we possibly can. How are we going to achieve this goal? Through proper analysis of the match of course.

Because a tennis match only has two players and two outcomes, it’s allot easier to analyze a game of tennis than a game of soccer (for example).

So how can we be analyzing a game of tennis? We’re going to take a good look at the statistics before we’re going to place our bet.

If you’re planning on placing a bet on a tennis match, you’d simply have to make a Google search for something like; ‘player A vs player B stats’. This will bring up a site with all the latest statistics on both of the players.

Analyzing these stats can be difficult at start. Nevertheless if you try your best you’re going to see a repeating system of winning players vs. losing players.

Bookmakers do look at the statistics as well, when deciding what kind of odds to place on the different players. Often you’ll be able to get a general idea of who’s going to win by simply looking at the odds.

Never the less, bookmakers do from time to time get it wrong, and if you’d be analyzing a game that they’ve got wrong, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Obviously there wouldn’t be any bookmakers if they were loosing on the games. The vast majority of people bet on soccer, soccer is a goldmine for the bookmakers. Soccer is quite unpredictable and that’s what the bookmakers are counting on.

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