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Online slots observation techniques - online casino performance enhancement tip

By: jamescovert

The software solution - how slot machines online function against you

If we are to become successful gamblers, then me must do more than those other players who gamble their lives away online, we must become smarter than both other players and the machine itself, this can only be achieved with dedication, skill and experience.

In gambling, the internet has transformed the vast specialities of real world gaming and transformed the boundaries into an online empire. Casinos are now widely available in the comfort of your own home, playing for lots, playing for little, we are no longer governed by the stakes of the house, as we are now very much in control of our own playing factors.

All the games from the old school casino have been energised in the forms of computer programs, even horse racing and sports betting have all taken to the stage for an internet upgrade. We always had chance in real world gambling, now we have something extra to consider, the computer program. This clever and cunning language that does all the magic before us, is like the heartbeat that drives the game, and in online slot machines, this could never be more true.

Observation within a gambling casino online slots software program

I will not go deep here into the world of numbers and exact science, you just need to be aware that behind the scenes of the slot machine, we have a complex and unique code that is driving every single control element we that we activate.

Everything is part of a cycle, a little pathway of signals that will do one thing or the other, dependant upon which function you select. If you hold a reel, the code does this, if you cancel a hold, it does that. Its all about this and that and the other. These are the basics behind computer language interface and software control.

In observation, we are looking for ways that will help us slightly, whilst prediction is impossible against a random number generator, we can still scrutinise areas of the code by simply watching what is going on. Which is something that 80 percent of gamblers don't do, as they are to busy looking at the pretty colors and symbols.

Powerful observation methods of slot machines games online at casinos

This subject is huge within itself and could probably fill a rainforest of journals, yet these are couple of favourites when considering observational methods whilst playing fruit machines on the internet.

1. Progressive slots database table tracking

Most online slot machines will have an accumulator somewhere else on the screen, known as a progressive slot. This is a program that takes thousands of inputs and pays out one output dependant upon its value. Normally a progressive jackpot will tell you what it can pay out til, therefore if it says up to $8000, and the table is telling you $7657, then you know you are closer, if it is at around $356, then you should'nt bother.

This is great when considering when and when not to play a certain progressive slot machine. There are other table observations, does the value increase a lot, or is it staying the same, this can indicate stalling of the program. Only, and if only the progressive slot is rising quickly and near the top, should you even consider playing on it.

2. Patterns to note in winning and losing slot program functions

Software programs in general follow cycle and are triggered to either loop themselves of to end or even begin, these are the basic directions of its nature. In slot machines, there will be a part of the program that collects, a part that stabilises the rake, casino earnings and a part that then spits out the winnings. This is law and all casinos must be in acceptance of such a statement.

A typical collect pattern would be, you an amount of money, three times, then you lose on 2 more three bets which is exactly the same value as what you had one on those previous three bets. When playing fruit machines in the heat of the moment, you barely consider noticing you, before you know it, you've lost everything.

Known as give, take, take. Keep an eye out for this one.

Stabilising, then the slot machine pays out, collects, pays out, collects and here your money never really changes. This indicates that the slot machine is about to start a collecting cycle, or a winning one. You don't know at this point, so tread carefully.

Paying out procedure, this is what we want and quite easily we can identify it. You will notice that often on the first, second or third operation of the slot machine, you begin getting bonuses first off. Then you will get a smaller amount of money, your next bet will be slightly larger, now if your slot is collecting, the third will take from you, as we discussed earlier. However if the third bet is larger again, then you're on the right road and have caught the program in its finest moment.

Like i said, there are many more of these observations, yet too much typing has been done already, hope to see you soon.

Good luck

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