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Online casino tips - online slots and how they work !

By: jamescovert

Playing like a pro - knowing how an online slot machine thinks

The simulators that run rampant in the casinos online are known as the slot machine simulators, progressive and beautiful, these programmes are very clever bits of kit, not only that, they pay huge fortunes when they fall over. The designed software relies upon logic sequence, therefore something has to happen, before something else does, its common sense and in technology its the only way it can happen.

Building a knowledge base of how fruit machines work on the internet, will help us to engage it, when we choose our time to strike, the belly of the beast.

Its important to know that when you operate the slot machine on your computer or laptop, that you trigger a logical function which begins the programme. Regardless of software design, every programme has a beginning a middle and an end, even if placed within a loop, the software has pattern, and where there is pattern, there is weakness.

How codes function within online slot machine games

The code asks for a displayed figure over three areas, these represent the reels that we know and love. The images that present themselves do so on the information provided by a Random Number Generator which creates a value to associate with each symbol. At a certain point of the programme, notably the end, the symbols will match due to the numbers and will therefore will pay out.

The good news is that online slot machines carry a table of around 85-90 percent, this means that over a cycle, the casinos profits will only be that remaining percentage, yet we now assume the player gets the rest, wrong. They do not take into account the circulation value, and in online slot machines, this number is considered part of the package.

So you're basically waiting for a point at which the numbers are pressed out, this is the basic simulation of the internal operations of the machine, but how can we land one, or try to improve our efforts upon them.

Challenging and landing a slot machine at an online casino

Whilst the complexities of fruit machine simulators may be off putting, it takes nothing away from the desire to break them down. It is software that controls the system and therefore software that must be observed, there are a few minor details to be looked upon, when trying to push one over.

The first thing to do when you go to a slot machine and begin playing is to look for a progressive jackpot that normally sits somewhere within the window. You will normally see a counting jackpot, that ranges from a few thousand going up to over a hundred thousand dollars. This indicates the type of position the current software is possibly acting within.

Therefore only play on the machines where the progressive jackpot is at its highest value, which indicates that somewhere a programme cycle is about to end and therefore is about to drop the machine.

Watch out for jumping and fluctuations, the slot machine programme will have some kind of visual entertainment for the eyes, flashing lights, moving animations etc, it is your job to look for uneasy moments and odd pattern changes, these random changes indicate a reversal within the programme and a chance that the system is taking in rakes for the casino. Its now time to leave the machine.

My favourite method for landing a slot machine is identifying a progressive upturn, remember as software works within even numbers to progress, when your winnings start looking rather odd, then there is a good sign something is about to turn up. For instance, you might win $8.00 four times, then win $32.00 right after, which is an accumulation of the previous four, this is a sign of revolution within the simulator and an almost certain green light for the jackpot.

Lastly, if your hitting big wins on a slot machine, continue to break it down, timing circuits within online fruit machines and processors are often on loop chain code, meaning its likely to stay in that set moment for a good amount of time. Take what you can and as soon as the losing onset suddenly kicks in, get away with your winnings.

Try and tweak, the only way to improve online gambling success, is with knowledge and power.

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